WCS’s activities in MaMaBay

WCS’s activities are multi-faceted and cover both terrestrial and marine areas:

  • Management of the Makira Natural Park in collaboration with local communities and implements a comprehensive field-based system of surveillance, law enforcement monitoring and ecological monitoring
  • Long-term restoration and maintenance activities of critical forestry corridors with the support of different partners and the local population to ensure the ecological integrity of the MaMaBay forest block
  • Support to the establishment and operation of a network of community-based natural resources management sites for the green belt of the Makira Natural Park and for LMMAs around Antongil Bay
  • Support to communities to improve subsistence livelihoods (rice, fish farming and honey production) and to develop sustainable and certified cash crops through the promotion of conservation enterprises in raffia, ecotourism,  cocoa, vanilla, and cloves
  • Provision of technical support to Masoala National Park on SMART law enforcement monitoring, community engagement and community-based natural resource management
  • Support to the development of a network of locally managed marine areas (LMMA) in Antongil Bay and provision of technical and financial assistance to communities to patrol their locally marine reserves and to carry out long-term ecological and fish productivity monitoring
  • Implementation of an integrated health and conservation education program across the MaMaBay Landscape/Seascape that aims to empower local populations to build awareness, knowledge and skills to sustain a healthy environment and assure human well-being.