Biodiversity and Conservation Science

WCS is committed to science-based conservation and regularly supports national and international students and researchers in our field sites. Recent research activities have focused on the presence and threats to the emblematic Silky Sifaka lemur, and the patterns and drivers of bushmeat hunting by local communities in Makira Natural Park. 

REBIOMA or REseau de la BIOdiversité de MAdagascar ( is a web-based tool developed by WCS that aims to promote the use of biodiversity data and tools in systematic conservation planning. REBIOMA played a lead role in the identification of the national protected area network that now covers more than 6 million hectares. REBIOMA’s contributions to this process included gap analysis, spatial modeling of target species, spatial comparative analysis and synthesis of existing priority maps, species distributions and vegetation and habitat cover. REBIOMA is currently developing a sophisticated data portal that will improve open access to biodiversity data in Madagascar, and is involved in analysis of the effects of climate change on biodiversity and the functioning of the protected area network.

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