The WCS Madagascar Program works throughout Madagascar to ensure the long-term conservation of the country’s unique biological diversity with a focus on activities in our priority landscape/seascapes

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January 9, 2017

SATOYAMA Quarterly newsletter, July - September, 2016

The GEF-Satoyama-Project Quarterly Report can be found at
January 9, 2017

"I Am Madagascar" exhibition of children's artwork from Makira to support WCS's education program http://www.roguespacechel...
March 2, 2016

Empowering local communities to manage small-scale fisheries

This solution addresses Overexploitation of marine resources; Lacking sense of ownership & legal...
December 17, 2015

Climate Solutions in Madagascar

With the climate talks in Paris wrapping up, attention will soon move to how we convert the commitme...

A rhapsody of colours from Madagascar. discovery of a remarkable new snake of the genus Liophidium and its phylogenetic relationships

Author(s): David R. Vieites, Fanomezana M. Ratsoavina, Roger-Daniel Randrianiaina, Zoltán T. Nagy, Frank Glaw and Miguel Vences
Year: 2010

Les petits mammifères non volants de la forêt de Makira, Madagascar [Non-volant small mammals of the Makira Forest]

Author(s): Z. Rakotomalala, V. Andrianjakarivelo, V. Rasataharilala, S. M. Goodman
Journal: Bulletin de la Société Zoologique de France
Year: 2007

Large rivers do not always act as species barriers for Lepilemur sp.

Author(s): M. Craul , U. Radespiel, David W. Rasolofoson, G. Rakotondratsimba, O. Rakotonirainy , S. Rasoloharijaona, B. Randrianambinina, J. Ratsimbazafy, F. Ratelolahy, T. Randrianamboavaonjy, L. Rakotozafy
Journal: Primates
Year: 2008

Le bloc forestier de Makira charnière de Lémuriens [The Makira forest block lemur hinge]

Author(s): D. Rasolofoson, G. Rakotondratsimba, O. Rakotonirainy, T. Rasolofoharivelo, L. Rakotozafy, J. Ratsimbazafy, F. Ratelolahy, V. Andriamaholy, A. Sarovy
Journal: Lemur News
Year: 2007

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